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About Us

Established in 2005, is a trusted leading online retailer of quality high gradePuer tea cake, teabags, teapots, tea sets, and tea accessories in Singapore.

We are a group of Tea Lovers at whom are dedicated to providing you with a complete Puer tea experience which is memorable and charismatic.

Along with our premium selections of tea, we also offer renownedYiXingzi-sha teapots (宜兴紫砂壶), Taiwanese Cast-iron teapots, and elegant tea sets from famousJingdezhen(景德镇).

Not only will we offer a wide variety of valuablecollections, but we are also keen to share with you on the benefits of Puer tea - value of health, value of drinking preference, and value of collections. stands for "Healthy Life Style &Luxurious Enjoyment"


From Wild Ancient Tea Trees

Most of our Puer tea leave are from the Natural Wild Puer Tea trees which are more than 100 years old. Some of them are even more than 1,000 years old !Unlike those from tea plantation, ours are rich in natural aroma and minerals which arebeneficial to your health.

From Famous Mountains

Our Puer teas are from Yunnan famous tea mountains, Mt. Yi-wu(易武山), Mt. Yi-bang (倚邦山), Mt Man-zhuan(蛮砖), Mt. Ge-deng(革蹬山) and Mt. Mang-zhi(莽枝山) from tradistional famous ancient mountains (古六大茶山), and Arising Stars such as, Mt. Bu-lang(布朗山), Mt. Ba-da(巴达山), Mt. Meng-song (勐宋山), Mt.Jing-mai (景迈山),Mt. He-Kai (贺开山), Mt.Pa-sha (帕沙山), and Mt. Bing-dao(冰岛). These tea mountains are renowned for their climate, elevation level, condition of the soil, and its environments, which not only provide excellent growing conditions for Puer, but also produce unique taste profiles in the produced Puer tea.

From Spring Season

Season matters when it comes to the quality and taste of tea leaves. Our Puer tea leaves are hand-picked and carefully selected before Qing-Ming festival every year since 2006 (明前茶). Spring time is the best among Puer harvest seasons.These tea leaves are guaranteed to be the best selection in Puer tea industry.

From traditional process

Only the best Puer tea leaves are used for our RAW Puer tea cakes. After which, the Puer tea leaves are formulated through a proven process into Tea Cake. In order to preserve the natural aromatic favor, Puer Tea has to be stored in a dry, cool and odorless environment.

As time go by, this will be the most natural and traditional way of Puer Tea being fermented, thus enhance its value of health, value of drinking preference, and value for collection.


Our premium Puer tea can be stored and allow to age. It is well known that the longer you store Puer tea the better the quality and taste. We have a wide selection of premium Puer teasthat vary in Aroma, After-taste, Color, and Strength.

There will be a style of Puer tea that suit your palate and character.

It is not wise to judge Puer Tea by appearance as the tea leaves are compressed into tea cakes. The best way to tell good Puer Tea is to "TASTE" it personally.

Excellent Puer Tea tastes smooth, a little bit bitter, and most importantly, it has a sweet after taste. For premium grade Puer tea, the sweet after taste will linger in your mouth for a longer time.

You are most welcome to enjoy a relaxing Kung Fu Tea session with us, to explore your preferred Puer Tea!

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