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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 August, 2013.

    Premium Puer Tea Bags with whole leaves

    Our Price:  $22.00

    Proudly present from 4 different mountains with unique characters for daily drinking preference: For breakfast : Mt. Bada raw Puer tea bag (vintage 2011) For Lunch : Mt. Bulang raw Puer tea bag (vintage 2012) For Tea break: Mt. Hekai raw Puer tea bag (vintage 2013) For Dinner : Mt. Jingmai fermented Puer tea bag (vintage 2006) .Mt. Jingmai Fermented Puer tea Taste: Mellow,smooth and soft, yet thick and sweet. Colour: Bright golden reddish Brown .Mt. Bada Raw Puer tea Taste: Fragrant in nature, sweet. Colour: Bright golden yellow .Mt. Bulang Raw Puer tea Taste: Strong raw Puer aroma, long-lasting sweetness. Colour: Bright golden yellow .Mt. Hekai Raw Puer tea Taste: Mild, sweet & pleasant. Colour: Bright golden yellow

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