Japan Kyoto Tetsubin, Kibundo 日本京都老铁瓶,亀文堂 初期 波千鸟 家戌双款 供箱

  • $30,000.00

Kibundo is one of the most famous among Kyoto antique tetsubin, Japan cast iron kettle tracking back from the Edo period, to the late Meiji period.

This masterpiece was produced in early Kibundo, by Hatano Shohei Kibund 波多野正平 (1812-1892 ). You may notice that the handle is before the application of well-known "S" handle of Kibundo products later on.
Body chop: Full stylized square four-Kanji seal“"日本龟文”。

Bottom chop: Large nine-Kanji seal impress of "The crafts-mans contact address: Eastern Biwa lakeside of Japan" - 家戌日本琵琶湖在东

Lost -wax casting process: one mold one tetsubin which no reproduction.



波千鳥银象嵌蓬莱仙館図鉄瓶 能登川 家戌底印 双款。 蜡铸法-已经失传的精细技术 高: 20.5cm.



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