ENCHANTED BEAUTY® Old Village PuEr Tea Gift Box

  • $39.00

Be delighted by this long-lasting tea floral aroma with a sophisticated twist.  Alluringly light in appearance; sip a cup of OVP raw PuEr tea as you take time to appreciate the beauty in life.  Good for hot or cold brew.

12 years vintage as of 2022.


红粉佳人  2011年普洱生茶     ENCHANTED BEAUTY®



Contents of Enchanted Beauty Old Village Pu Er Tea Gift Box

  • 24 individually packaged teabags in a gift box, or
  • 12's with a borosilicate glass filter cup worth $25, or
  • 6s in a door-gift box.
  • Premium grade whole leaves raw Pu Er tea, 1st & 2nd leaves, not tea dust 

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