6-mth OVP Tea Subscription Plan

  • $300.00

This subscription plan is the right one for you:

  • Shape up your health at just $50/mth
  • Wide selection of 16 teas in 4 Categories
  • FREE a Tea Brewing Set worth $68
  • FREE a Tea workshop worth $78
  • $120 rebate/referrer, unlimited

Among 16 teas in four categories, there are International Award-winning teas, and master's recommendations, that help you to rectify which are your loved tea/s.

"I am telling you a true story, not I heard from my friend or my friend's friend. It happened to my wife and myself," said Steven, a retired senior hotel management consultant, "my doctor was very surprised that all our figures on cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and lipidemia are all back to normal. It is very simple, just quit coffee, even copi-o Kosong, and drink Chinese tea, especially dark tea!"



"I have to say I admit what our granny's saying, drink more tea and get more healthy," Said Vivien, an Ang Mo pai young teacher after attending our tea workshop," the taste of good tea in fact is no need to be taught, it has already registered inside our brain. I thought Chinese tea has a plain taste, just coloring water in my childhood memories until I found OVP Tea!"

Good tea is not only for health but can bring out your happiness every day. By subscribing to this 6-mth plan, you are not only building up a tea-drinking hobby but also starting to enjoy the traditional Chinese tea culture.


Furthermore, the unlimited referrer earnings will reward you to spread such a healthy hobby to your loved ones.  Just imagine you referred 3 friends and you get this subscription for absolutely FREE, yet EARNED an extra $60.


Yes, make more money, and help more people. 


 This tea brewing set is FREE, delivering in your 1t shipment.  


 Choose your tea for the 1st 2 months and indicate in NOTE before CheckOut page.

Or Choose teas when attending the tea workshop.

Chinese tea drinking has great health benefits with many track records, and broadcasts (click here to view some).

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