Black Friday Promo - Old Villag PuEr 3-day ONLY

  • $288.00

FREE a real zisha pot worth $160 when you purchase an 18-year vintage PuEr teacakes

Yes, it is right there for you to brew a better tea using a real zisha pot.


For Shou PuEr lovers, Daetea 7572-301 (the 2003 vintage for 18 years) is the unmistaken Shou PuEr, as it is a benchmark of Shou PuEr formula vintage for 18 years already.




For Sheng PuEr lovers, Chang Tai Hao 2003 would be the right choice to try out. As the pioneer of Ancient trees puer PuEr tea streamline makers, this tea is one of the benchmarks of that era. Like it or not, must try.


This promo is for PuEr true lovers only. Limited for 30 sets of zisha pots while stock lasts.