Father's Day cum Dragon Boat Festival Promotion

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Celebrate Father's Day and Dragon Boat Festival with OVP Tea's Exclusive PuEr Tea and Teaware Gift Sets!

As we approach Father's Day and the Dragon Boat Festival, OVP Tea is excited to offer a set of special promotions which combine the finest PuEr tea and exquisite teaware, perfect for honouring the fathers in our lives and celebrating this traditional festival.

Promotion Period: From 15 May to 15 Jun 2024

Promotion Packages: Classic, Premium and Deluxe 

Our carefully curated gift sets offer a delightful experience for tea enthusiasts and are available at exclusive prices ranging from S$88 to S$298. Each set is designed to provide the ultimate PuEr tea experience, making it an ideal gift for Father's Day and the Dragon Boat Festival.

Classic PuEr Father's Day Gift Set - S$88 (Normal Price: S$140):
Treat Dad to a classic tea experience with our Shou PuEr teacake Lao Man'E 357g, complemented by a PuEr tea knife, a handmade tea caddy, and a borosilicate glass mini teapot 250ml. This set is perfect for fathers who appreciate the timeless tradition of tea drinking.

Premium PuEr and Teaware Gift Set - S$198 (Normal Price: S$302):
Elevate Dad's tea moments with our premium gift set, featuring two Shou PuEr teacake Mt.Bulang 100g each, a handmade zisha teapot, and a PuEr tea knife. This set combines exceptional tea with artisanal teaware, offering a refined and luxurious experience.

Deluxe PuEr Experience Gift Set - S$298 (Normal Price: S$451):
For the ultimate indulgence, our deluxe gift set includes two Shou PuEr teacakes Mt.Bulang 200g each, a handmade zisha teapot, a tenmoku cha-wan, a handmade tea caddy, and a PuEr tea knife. This comprehensive set is designed for fathers who truly appreciate the art of tea.

Health Benefits of Shou PuEr Tea:
Shou PuEr tea is not only a delight for the palate but also offers numerous health benefits. It supports the digestive system, helps lower blood sugar levels, and is rich in antioxidants, making it a wonderful addition to Dad's daily routine.

Show Dad how much you care by gifting him the finest PuEr tea and teaware this Father's Day and Dragon Boat Festival. Order now and let OVP Tea make this celebration unforgettable.

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