Mid Autumn Festival Promo 2 - Shou PuEr

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Indulge in five pieces of our exquisite 100g each Mt. Bulang Shou PuEr teacakes, a true tea lover's delight, all for just $150

Yes! It is sweet and fragrant, best pairing with traditional baked mooncakes as well as Teochew mooncakes.  

Also, it looks small and cute, suitable as a gift for mid autumn festival. 

Moreover, this bundle selling at $150 and comes with freebies worth $126!

🍵 Complimentary 1 unit of 600ml borosilicate glass teapot worth $48;

🎁 Discount code for $58

As a token of our appreciation, we're presenting you with a $58 discount code for your future order over $200.
It's our way of ensuring that your tea journey with OVP continues to be exceptional.

🎁 Referral Voucher for $20

Additionally, when you introduce a friend or relative to the world of OVP Tea, you'll receive a $20 discount voucher, because the joy of tea is best when shared.

Unwrap the joys of the season with our Tea Bundle, priced at just $150 only, during this special promotion. It's the perfect way to delight your senses and those of your loved ones.

🌕 How to Share the Moonlight:

For Yourself: Immerse in the serenity of the Mid Autumn Festival with a cup of your OVP tea. Let the moonlight fill your heart with tranquility.

For Friends: Light up your friends' lives by gifting them OVP Tea Bundle. You will be receiving a $20 referral voucher to offset your future purchase with no minimum purchase amount required.

For Family: Strengthen the bonds of love with a thoughtful gift for your relatives. Gather under the moon and share the magic of our exquisite tea.

👉 Limited Sets, while stock lasts.  Order Now!

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