Meet the world-class tetsubin master, Koizumi Nizaemon 小泉仁左卫门 新加坡铁壶展 29-30 NOV SG


To appreciate the first unit of the world, and meet him face-to-face with Japan nanbu tetsubin master, Koizumi Nizaemon in this coming 29-30 Nov 2019!

Organised by Old Village PuEr, the 11th generation of the only tetsubin master for Nanbu King, Mr Takahiro Koizumi will also showcase the top of the range satetsu tetsubin, and reveal five unknown secrets of tetsubin during the show.


Total 14 masterpieces will be showcased and some of them have been SOLD. The normal indent is around 18-month, whereas, for this exhibition units, the buyers are able to get it during the event!

For those who ordered the masterpiece, the master will handover in person during the ceremony. 

For those who miss the order, indent orders are welcomed.  

Click here to download the Exhibition catalog 


The masterpiece is not only a tetsubin, a cold iron for boiling water, but a treasure that can pass on from generation to generation.


Click here to download the Exhibition catalog 

Click here to watch the greetings form Takahiro Koizumi san

Click here to view the interview video by Ms Lin Zhi Lin



Date: 29-30 Nov 2019 Sat - Sun

Time: 12 - 7pm

Venue: 231 Brain Street #03-15 Tide Gallery, Bras Basah Complex Singapore 180231

RSVP: Old Village PuEr WhatsApp +65 8110 8189



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