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About our People

In 2006, a small group of Singapore tea lovers went to Yunnan famous mountain for PuEr tea collection with passion. 

There must be some secret codes from ancient arbor PuEr tea trees in the natural forests!  

In 2013, Old Village Puer Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore where western meets oriental, dealing with the finest quality brands of PuEr tea and other exclusive Chinese tea lines, as well as top-of-the-range teaware of the world.

OVP provides memorable drinking experiences, constantly introducing new and premium Chinese teas, and premium teaware, promoting health benefits with thousand years of Chinese culture.


Today, Old Village Puer Pte Ltd is the trusted leading high-end Puer tea and teaware in Singapore.


New Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA) 2018

Our tea master, Christopher Chau receives the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA) 2018 from Minister Chan Chun Sing on 22nd Nov 2018.

Singapore’s most established entrepreneurial accolade, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA) is back in search of outstanding local Entrepreneurs. Coorganised by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) and the Rotary Club of Singapore, the EYA honours deserving Entrepreneurs and showcases their achievements on a platform of the national scale.


The interview by Channel News Asia (CNA)



Passion For Quality

To uphold the standard Old Village Puer finest quality PuEr tea, which is the driving factor for a continuous search for the best harvest during the SPRING season in the natural forest of Yunnan, every year we personally supervise in the origin the hand-picking and traditional processes of the tea, strictly adhesive to our sets of rigorous criteria.

This shall guarantee that the aroma, fragrances, taste, and aftertaste are at its utmost conditions. The tea leaves are pressed into cakes and wrapped with bamboo paper and bundled with the bamboo wrapper which is adhesive to the traditional process, and then ship to Singapore under our professional storage for the best preservation of its fragrance and continuously fermentation. 


Passion For Health

As the saying goes “Good health worth a million dollars”. 

PuEr tea is popularly known to shrink fat cell, reduce blood sugar level, and improve cholesterol level. 

Old Village Puer works closely with tea farmers to offer quality tea leaves from natural forest and PuEr trees that are as old as 1,000 years.  Though our commitment is luxurious, these naturally grown PuEr trees yield tea leaves with rich minerals are beneficial to our health.


Passion For Lifestyle

Old Village Puer beliefs – Good quality PuEr tea is to be easily enjoyed by everyone at an affordable price.

This initiates OVP into R&D to produce pyramid PuEr tea bags which offer PuEr tea with the correct blend of taste, texture, and aroma at our conveniences. 

Be it at work or travel, now, everyone can make a cup of premium PuEr Tea anytime anywhere, yet it still preserves the high characteristics of PuEr tea.


About OVP tea


Award-winning teas



Our Golden Memories™, and Tropical Belle™ teas were recently Awarded  Great Taste Award 2020 in U.K. 

Both submissions are awarded!













Our Golden Melody™ Shou PuEr mini teacakes is recently Awarded  Great Taste Award 2021 in U.K. 


Our Golden Moments™ Shou PuEr is awarded  Great Taste Award 2022in U.K.


Our company is awarded Great Taste Producer for winning Great Taste in the preceding three years.




Uniquely OVP PuEr Tea

Old Village Puer selects and uses only the most premiums PuEr tea leaves from ancient and arbor trees from 12 different famous PuEr mountains hand-picked during the Spring season under the professional storage.

This guarantees a complete PuEr drinking experience which is memorable and charismatic.

Old Village Puer Tea is with pleasant fragrances, delightful the eyes, full-bodied aroma, thick, smooth and natural flavour in the taste, a litter bitterness followed by recurring sweetness, some of them with delightful throat feeling,  joyful body reaction, which eventually bring out our happiness.


From Natural Wild Arbor Tea Trees

OVP PuEr tea leaves are from the Natural Wild Puer Tea trees which are more than 60 years old growing organically in the forest. 

Unlike those from tea plantation, ours are rich in natural aroma and minerals which are beneficial to your health.


From Ecology Environment in Famous PuEr Mountain

Those Arbor PuEr trees grown in unspoiled areas divided into 12 famous mountain chains in the highland with 1,400-1,800 meters altitude, where agriculture respects biodiversity and preserves soil. The different combination of soil, altitude, and climate make the territory unique in PuEr taste and aftertaste.

PuEr arbor trees in the natural forest are in the wild, amid the shady vegetation.  This rich variety protests the long-term quality of the environment as well as of the PuEr tea leaves.


Hand-pick during Spring Seasons

Our PuEr tea leaf is harvested by hand, selecting only the tip and two young shoots, during the Spring season.

Season matters when it comes to the quality and taste of tea leaf. Springtime is the best among Puer harvest seasons. 

These tea leaves are guaranteed to be the best selection in Puer tea industry.


Vintage Puer Tea Leaves by traditional processes 

Thanks to the specialized process, PuEr tea is highly prized for thousands of years. It never goes stale.

Instead, it mellows and improves with age, like a fine wine.  OVP PuEr tea bags has vintage from 6 years up to 15 years.  Guess what?  The PuEr tea leaves still keep fermenting in the tea bags and getting more mellow and better in taste and aftertaste.

Only the best Puer tea leaves are collected personally every year since 2006 by our team of professionals, which meet the following criteria, namely:

  • From Wild Ancient or Arbor Tea Trees,
  • From Famous PuEr Mountains,
  • From Spring Season, and
  • Follow the traditional process to make PuEr tea cakes.

With the professional storage, we have now a wide selection of premium PuEr tea that varies in Aroma, After-taste, Color, and Strength for high-end PuEr lovers.


Stringent Tea Leaf Selection & Packed in Singapore with HACCP certified

  • Made in Singapore, under one of the most effective & efficient governments in the world, with rigorous rules and regulations in processed food products.
  • HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – Certified factory.


About our Product Lines

Find out how premium the teaware we are carrying?

From Japanese cast iron kettle (tetsubin) by famous masters, including its top-of-the-line antique Kyoto one & satetsu tetsubin, to Japanese silver and tin teaware.

From world's finest porcelain ware from Jingdezhen China, to yixing zisha purple clay pot, nixing pot from Guangxi, and golden phoebe tea trays...

Also agarwood incense during tea appreciation session.


  How we think an entrepreneur’s success should be.