The best choice for vintage PuEr tea lovers


Old Village PuEr (OVP Tea) has just launched another single session pack premium Sheng PuEr product, Master Blender's Selection #02, OVP Sheng PuEr 2002 茶师精配 陈年生普 on 15th March 2022.



"As the very first single session pack Sheng PuEr, 1960s and 1980s launched for CNY 2022, tea lovers required a good taste and after-taste one for daily drinking." Said the tea master, Christopher Chau, " So this, priced at $4 - $5 per session Twenty-Year vintage Sheng PuEr, will be just nice." 



There are two types of packing available.

$15 for 3 single session box, for try out and for door-gift for tea lovers; and



$49 for 12 single session box, for daily drinking purpose.


The tea has beautify maroon in color, warmth body reaction, remarkable long lasting sweetness.


Each single session contents 7.5 grams, for brewing utensil approx. 150cc, easily 9 brews. 

After wash tea, 5 secs for 1st and 2nd brew;

10 secs for 3rd and 4th brew;

15 secs for 5th and 6th ones;

25 secs / 30 secs / 50 secs for 7th/8th/9th.

Click here to view FB LIVE for the product brewing demo.

Click here to place your order with free local delivery.



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