Koizumi Nizaemon Tetsubin -Celebration Special

Special Celebration Prices 

To celebrate Koizumi Takahiro's assumption of family leadership, we are pleased to announce Special Celebration Prices for a limited quantity of each design. This exclusive offer is available for a limited period, ending on 30 December 2023, or until stocks last.

Starting at S$1,588:
Avail yourself of this unique opportunity, with starting prices as low as S$1,588. Embrace the artistry and tradition of Koizumi Nizaemon at an unprecedented value.

Free genuine zisha teapot worth S$160 for selected Celebration Special:

These 4 designs will entitled to the Freebies, on 2 units per design while stock last base.

S$1,588 Mentori Tamabuchi Higashiyama Gata tetsubin 面取玉縁東山形鉄瓶
S$1,588 Dora Gata tetsubin 銅鑼形

S$1,888 Suzuran Gata tetsubin 鈴蘭形
S$1,888 Yuzu Gata tetsubi 柚子形鉄瓶

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Hurry Up!

Celebration Special ends at 1159pm on 30 Dec 2023 sharp, or while stock lasts.