Japan Nanbu Tetsubin, Koizumi Nizaemon, Dora Gata 日本南部铁瓶,御釜屋 小泉仁左衛門 十一代 铜锣形 供箱

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Dora Gata tetsubin

Inspired by the ceremonial significance of the copper net that heralds the commencement of a tea gathering, this design has been meticulously crafted. The form is tailored to be optimal for IH heaters, ensuring efficient and precise heating during tea preparation. Additionally, it finds practical utility as a dedicated vessel for tea ceremonies when placed on a bottle stand.The meticulous attention to detail in the design is not only functional but also a nod to the cultural and ceremonial aspects associated with tea gatherings. The use of a bronze net motif pays homage to the traditional elements that enrich the tea-drinking experience.

In the finishing process, a layer of lacquer is expertly baked onto the surface of the vessel. Notably, the lacquer chosen for this purpose is the premium "Johoji lacquer," a high-quality material sourced locally from Iwate Prefecture. This choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the durability and longevity of the vessel.

This masterpiece design goes beyond functionality, embodying a blend of cultural significance, thoughtful craftsmanship, and a commitment to using premium materials. It stands as a versatile and elegant piece, perfect for both the artistry of a tea ceremony and the practicality of modern heating methods.

W17.0 x H17.0 ; Body height 6.5cm, 1.1L

Tea Ceremony Masterpiece.


A Tradition Ironed Out over the Years: The Cast-iron Creations of Okamaya

铜锣形, 由日本南部藩御用釜師,四大名家之一,小泉仁左衛門 第十一代,岳広精心制造。 1.1升,瓶体直径17公分,瓶高6.5公分,全高17公分(含提梁),底面直径17公分。 配桐木原箱,内盖由岳広大师亲笔题字,签名,印章。

新加坡老寨古茶是小泉家指定授权经销商,承接预定。 请与我们联系。

南部釜 的开山鼻祖


南部鐵瓶 的开山鼻祖

到了1750年前後,第三代小泉仁左衛門決心製作『使用方便的燒水茶壺』,南部鐵瓶( 南部鐵壺)最早就是由他創作的。








新加坡老寨古茶是小泉家指定授权经销商,承接预定。 请与我们联系。



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