Black Classic Old Village Black Tea Loose Leaves in Gift Tin

  • $29.00


Embark on a journey through Chinese tea heritage with our BLACK CLASSIC Loose Leaf Tea. Made with 100% natural full tea leaves, this classical Chinese-styled tea boasts floral and fruity notes, with a liquorice-like sweetness that is perfectly balanced by a pleasant bitterness.

Crafted with our exclusive Old Village PuEr Tea formula, this unique blend is perfect for the most discerning tea connoisseurs seeking a soothing tea experience that relaxes the senses. Free from any artificial flavorings, you can enjoy the pure and authentic taste of Chinese tea.

Experience the rich heritage of Chinese tea with BLACK CLASSIC Loose Leaf Tea. Order now from



可热或冷饮。  果香浓郁,口感饱满,生津解渴,清淡茶香。 

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