Master Blender's Selection #02, OVP Sheng PuEr 2002 茶师精配 陈年生普

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A PuEr tea that appeals to the dichotomies of the enthusiast and the newly intrigued.


Seasoned drinkers found it lacking focus and strength, yet as they continue brewing, soft undertones of orchid gently waft towards the drinker. The strength, vibrancy and vitality of fine aged PuEr manifest themselves, evoking a positive response, leaving enthusiasts feeling warm and amazed.

The one just starting out, on the contrary, may at first find the taste of vintage PuEr unfamiliar, but as they continue drinking,  they will actually find that particular taste is actually less intrusive as compared to other vintage PuEr, thanks to our teas being well kept, and the flavour of fine vintage PuEr quite endearing, a unique flavour.


A delight meant for all tea lovers, crafted adroitly by our Tea Master, “Featuring a delightfully soothing, long-lasting sweetness from the first brew till the last, a good sign of premium Sheng PuEr.  And its floral aroma keeps one looking forward to the next tea session.”


“A must try PuEr for both lovers of Sheng and Shou, for both seasoned and first-time drinkers alike.”

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