OVP Yixing Zisha Ceramic Art Workshop

OVP Yixing Zisha Ceramic Art Workshop

  • $80.00

You have come to the right place if you are willing to learn more about Yixing Zisha ceramic art.OVP is Zisha ceramic art specialist with a wide variety of Zisha artwork icluding different Zisha clay, shape and function .  Experience the beauty of Zisha artwork especially Zisha Teapot with the correct samples with OVP Teaware Masters.

Elementary workshop:


  1. The introduction of Yixing Zisha ceramic art.
  2. The benefits of using Yixing Zisha teapot.
  3. The different kinds of Yixing Zisha clay.
  4. The magical procedure of transferring a rock to clay.


  1. Lesson lecturing in Mandarin or English or both
  2. Hands-on practical lesson to brew tea by using zisha teapot
  3. To appreciate at least 3 kinds of zisha clay.


Upon completion, you will learn

  1. The history of Yixing Zisha ceramic art
  2. The basic knowledge of Yixing zisha clay.
  3. Distinguish different kinds of zisha clay.


  1. Duration: 2 Hours x 1 session
  2. Time: minimum 2 pax, time flexable
  3. Material Fee: included in the price.

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