Porcelain Incense Burner from Jing De Zhen Kangxi Famille Rose 景德镇 宝瓷林 黑地珐琅彩 香炉

  • $1,430.00

Enameled porcelain is extremely rare royal ware of the Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong in Qing Dynasty.

These newly-made special hand-made canisters are really for the high-end collection of tea lovers. Suitable for tea leave or incense powders.

Founded in Kangxi period, most of the enameled porcelain were plates, pots, boxes, bowls, bottles, cups and other small pieces, as special sacrifice supplies limited only for an emperor and royal family. Enameled porcelain is entirely the monopoly products of the Qing Dynasty. With the exception of enamel Yixing tires, Kangxi enameled porcelain is made on the unglazed body in general. It is rich in colour, hand-feel and detailing, as the colour materials are so special. It also played a very important role to influent another lately technology, Kangxi Famille Rose. 



珐琅彩始创于清朝康熙年间, 当时的宫廷造办处自景德镇御窑厂精选素瓷进京,用西方进口的珐琅彩料绘画.在宫内烧制. 雍正,乾隆时期更是自行炼制了多种珐琅彩料, 使得色彩更加丰富艳丽,装饰手法也是不断变化, 因数量及其有限,专供皇室玩赏御用。



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