White Fairy™ OVP Fu Ding white tea, 1842 Shou Mei Loose Tea in Tin

  • $19.00

Looking for a tea that is perfect for ladies?

Look no further than Peony Fairy White Tea Mini Bricks! Sourced from a high mountain in the Fu Ding district of China, this 2018 vintage tea is both refreshing and detoxifying, providing a unique tea-drinking experience.

With its delectable aroma and sweet flavor, Peony Fairy White Tea is sure to delight your senses. Convenient and easy to brew, these mini tea bricks come in a set of 12, perfect for those on-the-go moments.

Try our Peony Fairy White Tea Mini Bricks today and surprise your loved ones with a cup of this value-for-money tea. Buy 2 sets for great savings!


白色仙子    2018年 高山福鼎寿眉白茶     White Fairy



  • 30gm net weight loose tea leaves in a gift tin.

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