Zisha teapot PAN HU, handmade by Skillful Artists CHEN Shulan, Shi Hong Pan Hu shape 实力派匠人 陈淑兰,石红 潘壶(高潘)

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Name: PAN HU

Capacity: 200cc

Material: Shi Hong

Shi Hong is the most magical and unique type of Yixing zisha clay material, with extremely high difficulty in kneading and crafting. It is the clay material with the highest mineral content among all Yixing zisha materials. Beneficial minerals such as iron and zinc are present in higher concentrations compared to other clay materials, making it highly beneficial for human health.

It is extremely suitable for brewing Liu Bao tea and aged tea.

Shi Hong has a low production yield and a high sand content, with low plasticity. It is not suitable for forming using a single mineral and is often mixed with other minerals to improve its color (hue and lustre) and viscosity.

It is difficult to shape and has a very low success rate when using pure Shi Hong to make Yixing zisha teapots."


Yixing zisha teapot shape Pan Hu <潘壶> is named after the surname of Pan Shicheng, a wealthy merchant from Guangdong during the Qing dynasty.

The proportions of the teapot body are harmonious and sleek, with exquisite craftsmanship. The belly of the pot is rounded and gradually tapers down to the bottom. The shoulder shrinks into a short neck, which is plump and full of temperament, but not elegant. The lid of the pot is raised, and the knob of the lid is consistent with the body of the pot, complementing each other. The simple and natural shape is highly practical, and the combination of dots, lines, and planes creates an atmosphere of grandeur, conciseness, and liveliness in the artistic style, making it a classic masterpiece.

The shape of "Pan Hu" combines the characteristics of "Duo Qiu" and "Fang Gu". The pot body is wide and round, able to hold a large capacity, and exudes a dignified and steady elegance, which is highly sought after by collectors.



泥料:石红 Shi Hong  



极其适合冲泡 六堡茶、老熟茶。








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