Koizumi Nizaemon Tetsubin Exhibition Singapore 2019


Great News!

Invited by Old Village PuEr Pte Ltd, the world-class tetsubin master, Mr Koizumi Nizaemon the 11th generation, Takahiro-san, will be visiting Singapore for his very first exhibition in Singapore end of the year 2019!

Click here to watch the greetings form Takahiro-san.

Koizumi Nizaemon is one of the most famous Nanbu tetsubin master since 1659 for 11 generations.  This exhibition is to showcase the beauty of Japan tetsubin for local tea lovers, especially PuEr fans.

Click here to watch the interview by Ms Lin Zhi Lin.

Total 14 masterpieces will be showcased and some of them have been SOLD. The normal indent is around 18-month, whereas for this exhibition units, the buyers are able to get it less than 3-month!

Furthermore, buyers will be receiving the brand-new unit from the master personally, taking as many as possible photos and videos...

The event highlight will be on 4 units of Satezu Tetsubins. 

Click here to watch how Koizumi Nizaemon makes a grant masterpiece by such rare materials.

And click here to hear the sound of the tetsubin by Koizumi Nizaemon.

Why wait? contact us and enjoy@puer.com.sg to book yours before someone else grab it!

Click here to view the PDF catalog.

If your favorite shape is SOLD, no worry, give the master another 18-month, you will have your own new one.  


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