YES! "Ancient Tree Shou PuEr tea"! - Singapore PuErh Tea Specialist soft launches 2, stay tuned.

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"Ancient Tree Shou PuEr tea is always a gimmick for most of its kind in the market," Said by Christopher Chau, one of the tea masters of Old Village PuEr Pte Ltd. 

"It refers to tea leave from PuEr trees which are more than 100yrs old, with no chemical fertilization".

Now OVP turns it into REALITY!

Two items will be available end June, by the name under the same umbrella of OVP signature tea - Golden Moments - namely, 

Golden Melody & Golden Memories.

Both of them have a Chinese name in retro style, 石叻茶语 & 茶醉南洋 respectively. 

Formulated, invested and supervised by OVP, these 2 ancient tree PuEr teas are for SEASONED tea drinkers, for DAILY drinking at affordable prices!

Powerful with throat feeling and strong recurring sweetness.
Able to Brew several times.

Ancient Tree Shou PuEr tea offers more sweetness with aftertaste lingering longer in the throat. Pu Er Tea is good for slimming and the skin, improve digestion and lose weight, good for the stomach, and promote good sleep.


The packaging is environmentally friendly by Kraft card and paper with no plastic pollution. Do support such product when meeting your healthy lifestyle needs.

As for the Recommended Retail Price, Golden Melody is set at SGD29 (approx. US$21) for 90gm individually wrapped in 18 mini tea cakes; 

while Golden Memories, a more balanced and more with camphor tree fragrance, is at SGD49 (approx US$35.5) for 120gm individually wrapped in 20 mini tea bricks.

Hope you enjoy top of the range products proudly presented by OVP tea!

Click here to book yours NOW. 

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