Zisha teapot RONG TIAN, handmade by Skillful artist, LIU Pei 刘配  紫泥 紫砂壶 “容天”

Zisha teapot RONG TIAN, handmade by Skillful artist, LIU Pei 刘配 紫泥 紫砂壶 “容天”

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Artist:  LIU Pei 刘配 



容量:260 CC

The Rongtian teapot is inspired by the Maitreya Bodhisattva in Buddhism, named after the saying "a big belly can accommodate all matters under the sky." Or, in layman‘s terms, "A big belly symbolizes the capacity to handle and manage all the challenges and responsibilities that come one's way in life." This shape was first created by the Chinese arts and crafts master Lv Yaochen and is deeply loved by purple clay enthusiasts for its rounded, atmospheric, and simple unique charm as well as its practicality.

The lines of the Rongtian teapot are simple yet harmonious; the body is plump and full, with a large belly capable of encompassing all things, exuding stability and magnanimity. Its simplicity lies profound depth, embodying an air of calmness and magnanimity in dealing with the world.

A slightly short neck is added to the full-bodied teapot, with the lid raised to a hemispherical shape, not only adding a rustic charm but also enhancing the aroma and flavor of the tea leaves during brewing.

The straight pouring spout is intended to be forthright, delivering tea with strength, making it convenient and comfortable to use. The handle follows the circular motion, visually exuding stability and magnanimity, revealing depth in simplicity. The entire form is filled with a sense of accommodation, emphasizing the name "Rongtian."

The production of the Rongtian teapot is quite challenging, especially in achieving harmony in the body, reflecting the high difficulty of capturing its unique charm, requiring the potter to deeply understand its essence.

The original ore purple clay is a classic type of Zisha clay that is quite common. There are few good quality ones and many inferior ones. It has a purple-brown color and is often called "black purple clay" by players. It is one of the clay materials that players love. The products made from it have a pure texture, even sand particles, a pleasing color, a warm and delicate feel, not too bright or flashy, and are like small pieces of jade. It is refined from the original purple clay ore excavated from the Huanglongshan vein in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. Because the iron content in the vein is relatively high, the particles in the clay are larger and the structure is loose, which makes the body of the vessel obviously a special double air-hole structure. The air convection is smooth, and the air holes have good convection. This gives Yixing purple clay teapots the characteristics of quick heat transfer, and strong heat preservation, and is conducive to maintaining the temperature and color, aroma, and taste of tea when brewing.








原矿紫泥,为较常见的经典紫砂泥;深受玩家喜爱的泥料之一。 所制成作品质地纯净、砂质均匀、色泽润目怡人,温润细腻、不艳不媚、如小家碧玉。为江苏宜兴黄龙山矿脉所开挖出来的紫砂原矿提炼而成,因矿脉里铁质成份较高,泥料内所含颗粒较大结构疏松,使得器身明显成特殊双气孔结构,空气对流顺畅气孔对流较好,付予了宜兴紫砂茶壶,传温快、保温强,利于泡茶时保持水的温度和茶的色香味的特点。


刘配, 实力派匠人

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