Zisha teapot PEAL SHAPE by artist Level 5, JIANG Chen 蒋晨(L5-2015)赵庄朱泥 小梨形

Zisha teapot PEAL SHAPE by artist Level 5, JIANG Chen 蒋晨(L5-2015)赵庄朱泥 小梨形

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The Pear-shaped Yixing Teapot stands as a classical masterpiece, deeply rooted in history. According to scholarly works such as "Illustrated Dictionary of Chinese Ancient Ceramics" edited by Mr. Feng Xianming, this teapot style, named for its resemblance to a pear, finds its origins in the Yuan Dynasty, gaining widespread popularity during the Ming Dynasty and enduring through the Qing Dynasty. This enduring design is dubbed the "pear-shaped horizontal."

The teapot's form imitates the contours of a pear, featuring a rounded and bulging body. The lid, gracefully arching to meet the vessel's body, creates a seamless unity. The knob, with its compressed lid, adds a distinctive touch, forming a cohesive and harmonious structure. The entire composition reflects the aesthetic ideals that emerged during the Ming and Qing periods.

In southern Fujian, the pear-shaped teapot became a household item, with a saying emphasizing its significance: "Without a pear-shaped teapot in hand, it's difficult to engage in discussions about tea." This speaks to the teapot's ubiquity and importance in tea culture.

Notably, Hui Mengchen's innovation in creating a small pear-shaped teapot further enhanced its appeal, and this particular design found admiration beyond Chinese borders. The teapot's journey extended to Japan, where it garnered widespread admiration. As time passed, the influence of the pear-shaped Yixing teapot reached even further, impacting the European teapot industry. Queen Anne's directive to emulate the design in her commissioned silver tea sets is a testament to the global impact and timeless elegance of the pear-shaped Yixing teapot.

This pear-shaped Yixing teapot is a masterpiece, skillfully blending aesthetic charm with functional design. The teapot's pear-shaped body not only adds imaginative depth to its fluid lines but also seamlessly integrates clever design elements. The lid, with its cut-off design, ensures a perfect fit, enhancing the teapot's overall pear-shaped silhouette with a crisp and airtight construction.

The three-curve spout imparts a touch of grace, and the rounded knob provides a comfortable grip for a secure pour. Every detail, from the sinuous lines to the ergonomic knob, highlights the teapot's thoughtful construction. In essence, this teapot harmoniously combines beauty and functionality, creating an enduring piece that transcends time and culture. Its popularity attests to its craftsmanship and timeless appeal.





赵庄朱泥,历代最著名朱泥原矿地处赵庄山,位处江苏宜兴境内;其所产之特有朱泥原矿 -“黄石黄“”, 是当地矿工习惯称之为 "鹅蛋黄"。是古今文人雅士公推朱泥中之极品!





蒋晨,LEVEL 5,(Awarded in 2015)

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