Zisha teapot RONG TIAN, handmade by artist Level 3, YANG Fei 杨菲(L3-2021)朱泥 紫砂壶 “容天”

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Shape 器型:容天 RONGTIAN

Material 泥料:朱泥,小煤窑 ZHU NI

Capacity 容量: 190 CC

The Rongtian teapot is inspired by the Maitreya Bodhisattva in Buddhism, named after the saying "a big belly can accommodate all matters under the sky." Or, in layman's terms, "A big belly symbolizes the capacity to handle and manage all the challenges and responsibilities that come one's way in life." This shape was first created by the Chinese arts and crafts master Lv Yaochen and is deeply loved by purple clay enthusiasts for its rounded, atmospheric, and simple unique charm as well as its practicality.

The lines of the Rongtian teapot are simple yet harmonious; the body is plump and full, with a large belly capable of encompassing all things, exuding stability and magnanimity. Its simplicity lies profound depth, embodying an air of calmness and magnanimity in dealing with the world.

A slightly short neck is added to the full-bodied teapot, with the lid raised to a hemispherical shape, not only adding a rustic charm but also enhancing the aroma and flavor of the tea leaves during brewing.

The straight pouring spout is intended to be forthright, delivering tea with strength, making it convenient and comfortable to use. The handle follows the circular motion, visually exuding stability and magnanimity, revealing depth in simplicity. The entire form is filled with a sense of accommodation, emphasizing the name "Rongtian."

The production of the Rongtian teapot is quite challenging, especially in achieving harmony in the body, reflecting the high difficulty of capturing its unique charm, requiring the potter to deeply understand its essence.


One side: a poem from Li-Bai (Tang Dynasty) 唐代李白的《将进酒》"人生得意须尽欢,莫使金樽空对月。" The other side is plain.  

YANG Fei 杨菲, National Master of Arts and Crafts, level 3 (awarded 9 Dec 2021) 

Born in 1990 in Dingshu Town, Yixing City, she is reserved in speech but agile in action, and has been dedicated to the art of teapot making for more than ten years.

She studied under Senior Master of Arts and Crafts (level 2), Gu Shunfang, and under her mentorship, her skills have improved and her personal style has emerged. Her works are characterized by simple and concise lines, a simple and dignified shape, profound charm, and an emphasis on using changes in lines to express the beauty of the teapot.


杨菲 L3 国家工艺美术师

女,1990.01.14 , 出生于丁山制壶世家。



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