Cha Mama Xiao QingGan, Sun-dried citrus skin dark PuEr tea, 250gm tin

  • $188.00

Chen-Pi PuEr is getting more popular.

Among those top brands, Cha Mama is a dedicated brand from Lancang Gucha Group dealing with premium trending tea including Xiao Qing Gan.  

The limited edition we bring in this round is a 6-year vintage sun-dried citrus skin (Chen-Pi 陈皮)whole piece, with imperial dark PuEr.

The strong and pleasant aroma is amazing when you open the lid of the tin.

Maroon in colour, the tea is able to brew from morning to evening by a big glass pot.

Also suitable for meetings, keeps you all fresh in mind.

N.W 250gm for approx 24 pcs individual packs.

The current stock is the 2016 vintage.


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