Mt. Bulang 布朗山

Mt. Bulang consists many famous villages such as Lao-Man-Er (老曼娥), with 1,400 years of the longest tea-planting history in the world, and Lao-banzhang (老班章), the King of Puer. Our raw Puer tea from Mt. Bulang arbor & ancient trees are rich in aroma, full of flavor and many other characters of a good tea. Its track record shows that the raw Puer tea in Mt. Bulang transforms faster than others.


布朗山之所以受到追捧,是因为茶王老班章就是在布朗山上 。 布朗山位于云南省西双版纳自治州勐海县南方,是全国唯一的布朗族乡镇。 布朗族先民濮人是公认的最先种茶的民族。 该茶区茶气大,茶质好,除了老班章,布朗山的老曼娥在普洱爱好者享有很高的地位。