PuEr teacake普洱茶饼

Old Village Puer (老寨古茶) teacakes have post-fermentation process in Singapore after compressed in Yunnan China.

Uniquely OVP PuEr Tea

We select and use only the most premiums PuEr tea leaves from ancient and arbor trees from 12 different famous PuEr mountains hand-picked during the Spring season under the professional storage.

This guarantees a complete PuEr drinking experience which is memorable and charismatic.

Our PuEr Teacakes are with pleasant fragrances, delightful the eyes, full-bodied aroma, thick, smooth and natural flavour in the taste, a litter bitterness followed by recurring sweetness, some of them with delightful throat feeling,  joyful body reaction, which eventually bring out our happiness.