Sheng PuEr Tea 普洱生茶

Sheng PuEr is the authentic Pu-erh tea.

OVP is an ultra-premium brand which curates only the finest PuEr tea leaves from old and ancient Arbor trees from the famous PuEr mountains. These trees are found wild on specific mountains in Yunnan China, and have been treasured by the imperial courts during dynastic times.

The final product, like fine wine, results from the region's terroir and the artisanal processes required to make the tea cakes. It also depends on years of careful storage in the correct environment to yield something truly amazing.

We have gone through enormous efforts to ensure that the teas we vintage in Singapore are full-bodied, rich and complex, with a long and delicious aftertaste. A tea which can lift your spirits and ease your tiredness, as well as something to savour with friends and loved ones.