Tasting 品茗

Old Village Puer (老寨古茶) premium Puer tea can be stored and allow to age. It is well known that the longer you store Puer tea the better the quality and taste. We have a wide selection of premium Puer teas that vary in Aroma, After-taste, Color, and Strength.

Choose your tasting cups from Jian Zhan 建盏,or Tenmoku Cha-wan; fine porcelain tasting cups in your own style.

Passion For Quality

To uphold the standard OVP finest quality PuEr tea, which is the driving factor for a continuous search for the best harvest during the Spring season in the natural forest of Yunnan, every year we personally supervise in the origin the hand-picking and traditional processes of the tea, strictly adhesive to our sets of rigorous criteria.

This shall guarantee that the aroma, fragrances, taste, and aftertaste are at its utmost conditions. The tea leaves are pressed into cakes and wrapped with bamboo paper and bundled with the bamboo wrapper to preserves its fragrance and continuously fermentation. 

For tea bags, it will then subject to a further set of the stringent manufacturing process with the best technology, best machinery and best packaging materials in Singapore.