GOLDEN KISSES® Old Village Shou PuEr Tea, Aged Tea Nuggets in tin

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This Lao Cha Tou (literally, old tea nuggets), Shou puEr tea is from ancient trees in Mt.Bulang, harvested in Spring 2012.

This brews up an incredibly potent and rich chocolatey colour tea. Rich in aroma and medicine-like charming taste, It offers long-lasting sweetness and warmth in body reaction.
It can be steeped a ridiculous number of times.


GOLDEN KISSES reminds you the surprises of a memorable kiss by its Cha-Qi, with a hint of Campher tree aroma, which is the highest one in Shou PuEr tea.

Cha Tou is a kind of tea nugget that forms naturally from the process of Shou PuEr fermentation. The majority of them are tender buds, stuck by their pectin with other tea leaves surrounding, and not easy to separate them even during the last brew.

Some tea lovers boil them twice after the last brew to fully utilise the experience.
The tea nugget is a by-product in the old days due to its irregular shape. However, nowadays it is a golden treasure because of its taste and aftertaste. It becomes more and more pricy as it is a by-product naturally formed and cannot be produced in bulk.


Contents of Golden Hills Old Village PuEr Tea Gift Box

  • 100g in a gift tin, or
  • 200g in a gift tin, or
  • 750g in a zisha tea caddy

Limited, while stock last.  Hurry up!

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