GOLDEN MOMENTS® Old Village PuEr Tea, Shou PuEr

  • $29.00

Great Taste Award 2022!

Golden Moments is a 2007 vintage fermented PuEr tea.  Experience the silky rich taste of delicately fermented PuEr tea that exudes a warm mellow aftertaste.  

This quality PuEr tea is suitable for tea lovers who love to have a cup of tea in the evening.  It is formulated to relax your tired body and encourage a good night’s sleep. 


黄金时代   2007年普洱熟茶     GOLDEN MOMENTS®


醇厚顺滑,甘甜舒爽。  尤其在美食当后,喝上一杯,去油腻的感觉,同时还具备养神安神之功效。 

Contents of Golden Moments® Old Village PuEr Tea Gift Box

  • Loosen tea leaves from teacakes vintage in Singapore.
  • FREE a stainless steel tea filter worth S$12 

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