Japan Nanbu Tetsubin, Koizumi Nizaemon, Kikko Gata 日本南部铁瓶,御釜屋 小泉仁左衛門 十一代 龟甲形 供箱

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Kikko Gata Tetsubin. By the most famous Nambu Tetsubin master, the 11th Koizumi Nizaemon.

This masterpiece is consistently crafted with meticulous attention to detail, representing the pinnacle of artistic achievement in the realm of Kikko Gata Tetsubin. This distinguished piece reflects a harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design sensibilities.

The architect Bruno Taut, renowned for introducing the Katsura Imperial Villa to the global audience, particularly commended the thoughtful integration of circles and hexagons in this creation. Such accolades from a figure of Taut's stature underscore the artistic significance and cultural resonance embedded in every curve and facet of the Kikko Gata Tetsubin.

This masterpiece stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Japanese craftsmanship and the artistic vision of the Koizumi Nizaemon family. The continuous dedication to producing the "Nizaemon Kama" as the highest-quality work underscores a commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation.

The Kikko Gata Tetsubin, born from the hands of the 10th generation of Koizumi Nizaemon, encapsulates a narrative of cultural heritage and design excellence. The meticulous combination of form and function in the kettle not only pays homage to the rich history of Japanese tea culture but also invites a contemporary audience to experience the timeless beauty of Kikko Gata Tetsubin.

As enthusiasts and collectors alike appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship of the "Nizaemon Kama," it continues to be a symbol of the enduring legacy of Japanese tea culture, celebrated on both a national and international stage.

W17.0 x H20.0 ; Body height 9cm, 1.4L

(All measurements are estimated with tiny allowance.)

Tea Ceremony Masterpiece. 

桂離宮を世界に紹介した建築家ブルーノタウトが円と六角形との組合わせの良いデザインを激賞した作品です。 常時制作の「仁左エ門釜」最高級品です。

A Tradition Ironed Out over the Years: The Cast-iron Creations of Okamaya

龟甲形, 由日本南部藩御用釜師,四大名家之一,小泉仁左衛門 第十一代 精心制造。 1.4升,瓶体直径17公分,瓶高 9公分,全高 20公分(含提梁)。 配桐木原箱,岳広先生亲笔题字,签名,印章。
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南部釜 的开山鼻祖


南部鐵瓶 的开山鼻祖

到了1750年前後,第三代小泉仁左衛門決心製作『使用方便的燒水茶壺』,南部鐵瓶( 南部鐵壺)最早就是由他創作的。








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了不起的匠人- THE GREAT SHOKUNIN 第13集 南部铁器的十一代传人Iron Kettle (Eng-Sub)

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