Japan Nanbu Tetsubin, Koizumi Nizaemon, Ubaguchi-Mozuyagata-tetsubin 日本南部铁瓶,御釜屋 小泉仁左衛門 十一代 姥口万代屋形 鉄瓶 供箱

  • $3,888.00

Uba Guchi Mozuya Gata tetsubin

The Mozuya Gata tetsubin traditionally features a round mouth and gently rounded shoulders in its design. However, in a departure from the norm, we have reimagined it with a square-shouldered Ubaguchi, giving it a distinctive and angular appearance. This reinterpretation adds a touch of modernity and uniqueness to the classic form of the Mozuya Gata.

The Odoritashi, or hanging tail, is meticulously crafted using authentic and traditional techniques. This element, often considered a hallmark of craftsmanship, reflects a commitment to preserving the time-honored methods that contribute to the overall excellence of the Tetsubin.

As with all our creations, this particular piece is not just an ordinary Tetsubin but a one-of-a-kind, top-tier masterpiece. The decision to deviate from the conventional design, combined with the use of authentic crafting methods, makes this Tetsubin a symbol of innovation within the realm of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. It stands as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries while maintaining the highest standards of quality and artistry.

Approx 2.0L

W 18, H 12(body) 25(with handle), Base 11 cm

Tea Ceremony Masterpiece.


A Tradition Ironed Out over the Years: The Cast-iron Creations of Okamaya

姥口万代屋形 鉄瓶, 由日本南部藩御用釜師,四大名家之一,小泉仁左衛門 精心制造。

2升,瓶体直径18公分,瓶高12公分。 配桐木原箱,题字,签名,印章。
新加坡老寨古茶是小泉家指定授权经销商,承接预定。 请与我们联系。
南部釜 的开山鼻祖


南部鐵瓶 的开山鼻祖

到了1750年前後,第三代小泉仁左衛門決心製作『使用方便的燒水茶壺』,南部鐵瓶( 南部鐵壺)最早就是由他創作的。








新加坡老寨古茶是小泉家指定授权经销商,承接预定。 请与我们联系。



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