MAJESTIC VINTAGE® Old Village Sheng PuEr Tea 2009 in Gift tin

  • $29.00

Savor the rich taste and health benefits of MAJESTIC VINTAGE®, a 2009 Sheng PuEr tea that has been aged to perfection for 14 years in Singapore. This rare and exquisite tea boasts a mellow yet full-bodied taste that is complemented by a unique floral note, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized with every sip.

In addition to its exquisite taste, MAJESTIC VINTAGE® is known for its numerous health benefits. It can aid digestion, reduce fat, lower blood sugar, and bad cholesterol. Whether you're struggling with high cholesterol, blood sugar, body fat, digestion, or even a hangover, this tea may be just what you need to feel better.

With a stainless steel filter included, brewing MAJESTIC VINTAGE® has never been easier or more stylish. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with this premium tea and indulge in the richness and health benefits of one of the finest teas available.

Order now and taste the difference for yourself.

橘色恋人   2009年普洱生茶     MAJESTIC VINTAGE

市面上少有的  13 年陈老树生茶。


茶气大,回甘强,花香沉。  纯正清雅,蜜香,有力道。  助提神、消化、去油解腻、降血糖。

Contents of Majestic Vintage Old Village PuEr Tea Gift Box

  • Loosen tea leaves from Sheng PuEr teacake vintage in Singapore.
  • FREE a stainless steel tea filter worth $12 with every tin. 

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