Phoenix Reborn® Award-Winning Old Village Oolong Dancong Tea

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Award-Winning Old Village Dark Oolong Tea

Globaltea Championship 2018 

Far superior flavour and aroma, this GOLD award-winning tea is an outstanding dark Oolong tea with a nice dry fruit finish and full-bodied honey-like sweetness.


To Enjoy

1.7g tea leaves STEEP in 200ml 100°C water, COVER for 3 mins.  Enjoy 1-2 cups daily, especially in the morning and afternoon for alertness.

全球名茶锦标赛 得奖名茶 

乌龙茶 凤凰单丛 - 凤凰重生          


凤凰重生 Phoenix Reborn® 是精选潮州凤凰单丛茶,经重焙火等严格工序精制而成。干茶香韵诱人,力道强,兰花香与蜜香巧妙地融合,回甘好,耐泡,再现潮州人对天然每味的追求精神。

Click here to watch the video of tea appreciation on this tea at OVP. (from 20:15)


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