Sanpin Glory® Award-Winning Old Village Jasmine Green Tea

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Award-Winning Old Village Jasmine Green Tea

Globaltea Championship 2018 

Excellent liquor flavour by nature Jasmine blossoms, this award-winning single-origin tea is good looking, good Pluck and good raw material, showing a great jasmine aroma and good scenting.

Another wonderful green tea for refreshing.


To Enjoy

2g tea leaves STEEP in 200ml 85°C water, cover for 3-4 mins.  Enjoy 1-2 cups daily, especially in the morning and afternoon for alertness.

全球名茶大赛 得奖名茶

茉莉绿茶 – 上品清香 Sanpin Glory®



Contents of Sanpin Glory® Tea 

  • 100% natural green tea buds and jasmine blossoms with no artificial flavouring, preservatives or pesticide
  • A specially formulated blend of tea in Singapore
  • 50gm net weight per tin, or

Click here to watch the video of tea appreciation on this tea at OVP. (0:00-20:00)


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