TROPICAL ROMANCE® Award-Winning Old Village Aged Liupao Tea Gift Box

  • $49.00

First Runner-Up at the Hong Kong International Tea Competition 2016, this Award-Winning rare Liu Pao tea is a 14-year vintage harvested by hand in Spring. 

Indeed a rare Aged Liupao tea with authentic full tea leaves, this award-winning tea displays a depth of character with a good bodied rounded taste that is inviting.  Superior with reddish-brown clarity, this intriguing tea is smooth, warms and relaxes your body.

Exuding warmth and a pleasing silky smooth texture, this unique blend scores high for its flavour, aftertaste and pleasant experience it renders.  Enjoy 1-2 cups daily any time of the day.


香港国际茶展名茶比赛2016 得奖名茶 

热带风情   2005年六堡古树茶       TROPICAL ROMANCE®

稀有六堡古树赢奖茶。  红浓陈醇、水柔、韵足、体感好。  泡上八分钟汤感粘稠而有力道,回甘好。 体感温热舒爽。  

Contents of Tropical Romance Old Village Pu Er Tea Gift Box

  • 24 individually packaged tea bags in a gift box, or
  • 12's with a borosilicate glass filter cup worth $25, or
  • 6's in a door-gift box.
  • Premium grade whole rare Liu Pao tea leaves.

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