Zhang Xiang Wang™ Old Village PuEr Tea mini tea brick Fermented Pu'er from Ancient Puerh Trees

  • $89.00

Zhang Xiang Wang™ is born by another OVP Special Fermentation Formula from ancient Pu'er trees from Yunnan.

Powerful with a note of camphor tree which is the TOP fragrant of fermented Pu'er tea, and a note of Chinese herb fragrant, it offers strong sweetness, full-bodied and good throat feeling that exudes a warm mellow aftertaste.  


樟香王   古树普洱熟茶     ZHANG XIANG WANG™







Contents of Golden Memories™ Old Village PuEr Tea mini bricks

  • 20 individually packaged mini tea bricks in a gift box. Each 6 gms net weight, or
  • 1 kg tea brick
  • Premium grade whole leaves fermented tea from ancient Pu'er trees 

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