Zisha teapot Gong Deng, handmade by 实力派匠人 汪建忠 朱泥“宫灯”

  • $320.00


泥料: 小煤窑 朱泥


The "Gong Deng" shape originated during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty, inspired by lanterns. It was initially designed by an elderly man from Tuntou Village. Later, Tuntou lanterns were presented as tribute to the palace by a county-level official, and they became known as "Gong Deng," designated as imperial goods. Over time, the character "贡" (tribute) was replaced with "宫" (palace), giving rise to the term "Gong Deng" as we know it today. The Gong Deng teapot is designed based on this lantern, featuring a fresh and natural appearance, classical elegance, and graceful charm, aligning with the aesthetic preferences of ancient times while remaining easily embraced by modern sensibilities.

This teapot boasts a graceful and antique design, with concise and refined lines, and a delicate and elegant handle, exuding the elegance of literati and the beauty of lady.

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