Zisha teapot Yun Qiao, handmade by artist Level 3, YANG Fei 杨菲(L3-2021)文革紫泥 紫砂壶 “云桥”

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Product Name:

Yunqiao (Cloud Bridge)


Home-stored Original Mineral "WenGe" Purple Clay from the Cultural Revolution Era

Capacity: 280 CC


WenGe clay is a type of clay mined and processed during the Cultural Revolution Era 30 years ago. Due to its unique history, the clay was initially ignored but eventually benefited from aging through exposure to the sun, moon, and earth. Most of the clay was made into "Cultural Revolution tennis ball teapots" for export to Japan to earn foreign currency. Today, there is not much WenGu clay left, and the teapots made from it are known for their elegant simplicity, timeless charm, and rugged beauty. At first glance, the teapot appears simple and unpolished, with a strong earthy scent that resembles the honesty and authenticity of a farmer. However, over time, the teapot undergoes a significant transformation, becoming warm, refined, and increasingly cherished.

The shape

The teapot's shape is ancient, robust, stable, and generous, with distinctive features that appeal to a broad range of teapot enthusiasts. The teapot's body is round and flat, resembling an abacus bead, with a stable circular base. The spout and handle are slender and graceful, while the circular handle is smooth and rounded. The knob is a "cloud bridge" knob, with a "three friends of winter" theme carved by double knives. The teapot's neck features a jade belt, and the lid is slightly raised, giving it an imposing and dignified appearance, suitable for both storage and appreciation.

Overall, this teapot is a unique masterpiece, with its distinctive character, rich cultural significance, and superb craftsmanship, making it a favorite among tea enthusiasts.

Engraving and Painting:

Painting: Pine, Bamboo, and Plum.

Another side has Double-knife engraved with the Chinese wordings "三友清供".


YANG Fei 杨菲, National Master of Arts and Crafts, level 3 (awarded 9 Dec 2021) 

Born in 1990 in Dingshu Town, Yixing City, she is reserved in speech but agile in action, and has been dedicated to the art of teapot making for more than ten years.

She studied under Senior Master of Arts and Crafts (level 2), Gu Shunfang, and under her mentorship, her skills have improved and her personal style has emerged. Her works are characterized by simple and concise lines, a simple and dignified shape, profound charm, and an emphasis on using changes in lines to express the beauty of the teapot.



容量: 280 CC


杨菲 L3 国家工艺美术师

女,1990.01.14 , 出生于丁山制壶世家。














 绘:松竹梅。 双刀刻 “三友清供”

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