Zisha teapot Qin Quan, handmade by Skillful Artist, LIU Hai-Xia 作者  LIU Hai-Xia 刘海霞 天青泥 秦权

Zisha teapot Qin Quan, handmade by Skillful Artist, LIU Hai-Xia 作者 LIU Hai-Xia 刘海霞 天青泥 秦权

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Authentic Tian Qing Clay, ZI NI 紫泥 (天青泥)

The Shape: Qin Quan 秦权


The Qin Quan teapot is one of the classic traditional shapes in purple clay craftsmanship. Its design draws inspiration from the weighing steelyard used during the unification of weights and measures by Emperor Qin Shi Huang, hence the name. The concept is intricate, and the overall shape is grand.

"Quan" is commonly referred to as a steelyard weight, also known as a scale weight or a steelyard, made of copper, iron, pottery, porcelain, or stone, which can be moved on the hanging scale beam. Today, we call it a "weight."

Resembling a bell, the Qin Quan teapot exudes stability and composure. Its tall body converges at the upper part, flowing naturally and smoothly. The spout curves upward slightly, displaying ample strength in its form. The loop-shaped dragon handle is understated yet elegant. The inset lid is slightly convex, seamlessly blending with the rim, forming a harmonious whole. The knob resembles the top of a bridge, symbolizing the trust in the weight's balance. The concave bottom of the teapot is simple and solid, exuding an ancient, elegant charm filled with imaginative and carefree sentiments.

秦权壶为紫砂经典传统器型之一,整体造型设计 以秦始皇统一度量衡时所用称砣为形而得名,构思精巧,器型大气。






LIU Hai-Xia 刘海霞。




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