zisha teapot De Zhong, handmade by Skillful Artists CHEN Shulan, Shi Hong De Zhong shape 实力派匠人 陈淑兰,石红 德钟

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Name: De Zhong

Capacity: 240cc

Material: Shi Hong

Shi Hong is the most magical and unique type of Yixing zisha clay material, with extremely high difficulty in kneading and crafting. It is the clay material with the highest mineral content among all Yixing zisha materials. Beneficial minerals such as iron and zinc are present in higher concentrations compared to other clay materials, making it highly beneficial for human health.

It is extremely suitable for brewing Liu Bao tea and aged tea.

Shi Hong has a low production yield and a high sand content, with low plasticity. It is not suitable for forming using a single mineral and is often mixed with other minerals to improve its color (hue and lustre) and viscosity.

It is difficult to shape and has a very low success rate when using pure Shi Hong to make Yixing zisha teapots."


De Zhong teapot is one of the classic teapot shapes that has been passed down to this day. It was first created by the master potter Shao Daheng during the Qing Jiaqing period, and it is also a representative work of the Plain-style (光素器). It is a testament to his artistic level and personal charm, and its significance has surpassed the vessel itself. Its solemn and simple style highlights the magnanimous atmosphere of the simple and elegant Yixing clay, and it is deeply admired by people around the world.

De Zhong Yixing clay teapot is a model of morality and a culmination of the ethical standards of traditional culture. "Zhong" means concentration and gathering, and the so-called De Zhong is the culmination of moral norms. Thus, the pioneers of Yixing clay made this De Zhong teapot to carry the way. De Zhong Yixing clay teapot is a model of morality and a culmination of the ethical standards of traditional culture.

The De Zhong Yixing clay teapot has a dignified and stable shape, harmonious proportions, and a rigorous structure. The flat knob on the lid is similar in shape to the body of the pot, with a straight spout and ear-shaped handle, displaying the dignified and upright character of a gentleman. The lines of the pot's shoulder are rounded and natural, and the spout flows smoothly and naturally from the shoulder line, with each extending and turning gracefully, presenting a clear and atmospheric charm. The circular lines above and below the pot mouth resemble lightly pursed lips, conveying a calm and dignified expression, while the thin line on the lid serves as an embellishment, a truly inspired stroke, with thickness, width, and position perfectly balanced.

The spout and handle of the teapot are naturally curved, the body is straight without being flat or bulging, which is an extremely exquisite manifestation in the Yixing clay straight body tube, achieving the best visual effect. The bottom of the pot is like a naturally formed jade, with an excellent shape. The details of the spout are straight and smooth, with a clean and neat finish, truly achieving a strong practicality that is also aesthetically pleasing. De Zhong Yixing clay teapot embodies the gentleman's character, harmoniously blending cultural refinement with moral integrity, and benefiting the world."



泥料:石红 Shi Hong  



极其适合冲泡 六堡茶、老熟茶。










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