Zisha teapot Skillful Artist, CHENG Yu-Hong 程玉红 “竹段壶” Purple Clay "Zhu duan"

Zisha teapot Skillful Artist, CHENG Yu-Hong 程玉红 “竹段壶” Purple Clay "Zhu duan"

  • $580.00

350cc Purple Clay Bamboo-Segment teapot.

The bamboo-segment teapot is a classic Decorative Teapot in Yixing clay, with bamboo knots as its theme.

"Bamboo" is a noble plant, one of the "Three Friends of Winter", representing not only "modesty" and "confidence", but also youthful vitality and vigorous growth.

The teapot body is a round two-segment bamboo tube with nodal lines, vividly shaped. The lid, handle, knob, and spout are all bamboo branches. The knob of the teapot lid is naturally twisted bamboo, and the bottom of the spout is full of vitality, with three bamboo leaves growing at the end of the branch, which are pasted on the teapot body, elegant and natural.

The ingenious design of the entire teapot is derived from nature, surpassing life itself. The bamboo segment, bamboo branch, and bamboo leaves are full of vitality and dynamic.

The most famous historical teapot of this type is the "Yang Family Bamboo Segment Teapot" made by Yang Pengnian's younger sister Fengnian during the reigns of Emperor Jiaqing and Daoguang in the Qing dynasty. This teapot was donated to the Yixing Ceramics Museum in 1984 and is now its most prized possession.

In addition, the purple clay master Chen Mansheng also likes the bamboo-segment teapot. A bamboo-segment teapot (formerly known as the bamboo knot teapot) now housed in the Shanghai Museum was made by the famous artist Jiang Wanquan and inscribed by Mansheng.

During the Republic of China period, the bamboo-segment was a popular style, and the purple clay master Fan Da-sheng was also skilled in making this type and developed many sub-shapes based on that.

This teapot we introduce has a thick teapot body, a warm and mellow purple clay, and is both collectible and practical, making it a valuable Yixing clay teapot to your collection.





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